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Story tender


After the dark I was pulled off into a new world
A world where vibrations ignited the beauty of life
I had to tap out and pretend a looser
A snooser coz the more I let go off my worries the more I loved life
I mean it’s all I could do to mean my word
Funny thing is am still moving
Forward like a movie but u know what
Ain’t ready to back down
I gat to mek merry before its dusk

If wishes were horses

Back on my saddle
The edge is shallow
Before the day submerges
I’ll still choose to have your inside my pocket
Ooh Mr money heard you where wedded to madam money
I heard you sweeten the day
Ooh Mr money I’m not shifting my attention coz since we met the joy that I felt really quenched me
En now I can’t stop thinking about u
The way you twinks in a misty sissy ordeal and flow back to my pocket
I’m in love with Mr money
Minion mind

Son of the moon

Before I arise

Take picture of all my faces

Before I bow to the sun

Make sure yu have your shield

Before am lost

Make sure your coin is tossed

Coz am also running and yearning

To wake up early and sleep late

They sed thats how they beleive your great if you fish with a net

All night and pay the price

Hauling and calling for your pack

Strike my match coz the finish line is drawn

And the wolf is still king of the cold jungle

Press my button before my faces change

My addictions waned away

I had changed everything cigars with fifa

Blunts were all behind I had to eye my price living a truthful life

Its been 2months en still no craves for the belated smoke cells

I need to move on alittle more steps

And a little help the everything will come straight

Stresses replaced with stretches

Jocking with jogging

Mocking with lockey

Thats what am upto finding fun in todays tight life challenge

Got to stay forcused

Touch down frenzied

Before I was tamed I didnt think of fame

Before I was called I didnt get her name

Before I started acting phoney I realized I had no money

Before time was born

Before the switch wasnt home

I had to hunt down the day and find a way on how ill be paid

Before all this love was involved

It was never the beggining

Before time was ticking I tried my score like a lion I roared to get on the boat and row

Thats all I know sire