Hugs over cuffs

Beauty on the list

Down the aile up the roar

Whats left is whats right

Hugging aint a must

Before I take off the mask

Im beaming like dusk

But I cant afford a smile

Im inprisoned in the guesses

That its you am eager to compress

And fella will you be my guest

I guess its a yes

Tears n fears

Then at last I had to tap out and stay awake before my match was over all tackles and ditches hit and all baskets scored I still couldnt figure out what was cooking in my head all rules I couldnt bend them low by saying this my pockets were not flying like the rocket I had to reconnect to my socket I mean my God though I looked goofy he told me soon my life will be on the go

Mind grind

This feeling that burns inside me
This feeling that makes me walk my walk
This feeling of blowing kisses to the air this feeling when your check has bounced
This feeling of wanting to still bounce aback
This feeling I only share with coke alone
This feeling of living a loaner life
I know everything will still be better

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